The License Plate Game app

Check out my latest iPhone/iPod Touch app. It is called “The License Plate Game” and it helps you keep track of the license plates you spot on road trips. Check out the video too.

First iPhone app is available on the iTunes app store

My first iPhone app is available on the iTunes store.  It is called Cheese Cutter Whoopee Cushion.  It’s a fart effect app. :-)

You can read more here Or find it in the app store here.

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Real “Shadow of the Colossus” creature

Family loans

I heard an ad for this on the radio  It is a site/service that helps you make loans with family and friends.  They act as the middle man of the transaction.  The idea is to keep relations between the loaner and borrower on good terms by handing over the loan management to someone else.  I think this is a great idea.  The only thing I did not like in my quick review was the fee involved.  It looks like a personal loan has a $99 fee to setup the loan repayment plan.  I understand that they need to make some money somehow but I think it would be better if the fees were spread out over time and/or incorporated into the payment schedule.


N.E.R.D. = never ending radical dude

We are having a baby

Just so everyone knows Sarah and I are expecting our first child. I setup a site about the baby to come (just because I can :).

Baby site

Garageband song

Here is one of my first songs I made in Garageband. I wish I had more time to play with it.


Sharon Olds reading

Sarah “dragged” me to another poetry reading today. Sarah said Sharon was the first contemporary poet she really liked. When I heard her reading I could tell why, her poetic voice is very similar to Sarah’s. Which is probably why I liked it so much. It was the best poetry reading I have been to thus far. Second place is taken by Billy Collins.

One reason I probably liked it so much is because she read a number of poems that had to do with being a parent which is currently occupying most of my mental processing time. In case you haven’t heard, Sarah and I are expecting our first baby!

I came across an interesting letter from Sharon Olds Here.

Alias Addresses in Apple Mail

Recently I tried to setup Apple Mail so that I could send e-mail from the alias addresses that I share with other co-workers. I thought I would have to setup multiple accounts in Mail so that I could choose who to send/reply as. When I tried to do that it would not let me past the mail server setup screen without entering something. I thought “this sucks”.             

So I decided to give Google a try. I always say “give me 10 minutes in Google”. I still have 9 left for this one.

The solution I found is so simple:

  • In Mail preferences choose the primary account that has the aliases.
  • Add a comma separated list of the aliases you want to be able to send e-mail as to the Email Address field.
  • DONE

I have to give credit to this 
 for helping me find the solution.